Evolutionary Psychiatry A narrated slideshow from HSTalks, not open access.

What is evolutionary medicine? A 13 minute overview on YouTube

Why hasn't natural selection eliminated mental disorders: a 30 minute 2022 talk for The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland

Grand Rounds, Texas Health Resources University, 2022

Intrinsically vulnerable control systems and disease heritability, 13 minute video

Evolutionary Psychiatry 40 minute video for Abertay University (talk starts at 3 minutes).

Varför mår vi så dåligt? Podcast (in English) with the wonderful Stockholm psychiatrist/author/podcaster Åsa Nilsonne about the evolutionary origins of unsatisfiable desires, 2021

Lecture on Evolutionary Psychiatry for a class at Oxford University in 2020 (60 minutes, my most comprehensive overview of evolutionary psychiatry)

Podcast for Thoughts on Record--This 2020 podcast with Pete Kelly is the best one for psychotherapists who are curious about how evolutionary thinking can help them...and their patients

Good Reasons for Bad Feelings: Video podcast with Robert Wright, March, 2019

Mental Smoke Detectors, Podcast #24 on BigBiology

Good Reasons for Bad Feelings. Podcast of the Stephen Spierer show on TalkRadioOne

Doctor Darwin: Is Evolutionary Medicine the Future of Health Linnean Society, London, January 22, 2016.

Darwinian Medicine, Cambridge University Darwin Festival 2009 A short overview of Darwinian medicine and social selection.

Evolutionary Medicine: Envisioning the Opportunities Keynote at Palo Alto Institute Conference 2012 available on YouTube

Evolution and Medicine: How New Applications Advance Research and Practice, Henry Stewart Talks Series of 40 lectures edited by Randolph Nesse (Demos available, but full access requires purchase of a subscription. Your university can get a free six month trial. )

What is Grief Good For? Audio lecture based on my research on bereavement

Darwinian Medicine: The Pleasures and Perils of New Questions Lecture at a Symposium: Darwinian Evolution Across the Disciplines Realplayer version of talks from a Dartmouth Interdisciplinary Symposium October 29-30, 1999, Dartmouth College.