Why do mental disorders persist? Evolving Psychiatry 2022 video podcast (17 min.)

The Evolution of Anxiety  Evolving Psychiatry 2022 video podcast (16 min.)

Why Relationships Exist: Evolutionary Foundations for Psychotherapy
Video of a 2022 talk for the World Psychiatry Association

Evolutionary Psychiatry A narrated slideshow from HSTalks, not open access.

What is evolutionary medicine?  A 13 minute overview on YouTube

Why hasn't natural selection eliminated mental disorders: a 30 minute 2022 talk for The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland

Evolutionary Psychiatry 40 minute video for Abertay University (talk starts at 3 minutes).

Varför mår vi så dåligt? Podcast (in English) with the wonderful Stockholm psychiatrist/author/podcaster Åsa Nilsonne about the evolutionary origins of unsatisfiable desires, 2021

Lecture on Evolutionary Psychiatry for a class at Oxford University in 2020 (60 minutes, my most comprehensive overview of evolutionary psychiatry) 

Podcast for Thoughts on Record--This 2020 podcast with Pete Kelly is the best one for psychotherapists who are curious about how evolutionary thinking can help them...and their patients

Good Reasons for Bad Feelings: Video podcast with Robert Wright, March, 2019

Mental Smoke Detectors, Podcast #24 on BigBiology

Good Reasons for Bad Feelings. Podcast of the Stephen Spierer show on TalkRadioOne

Doctor Darwin: Is Evolutionary Medicine the Future of Health Linnean Society, London, January 22, 2016.

Darwinian Medicine, Cambridge University Darwin Festival 2009  A short overview of Darwinian medicine and social selection. 

Evolutionary Medicine: Envisioning the Opportunities   Keynote at Palo Alto Institute Conference 2012  available on YouTube

Evolution and Medicine: How New Applications Advance Research and Practice, Henry Stewart Talks Series of 40 lectures edited by Randolph Nesse (Demos available, but full access requires purchase of a subscription.  Your university can get a free six month trial. )

What is Grief Good For? Audio lecture based on my research on bereavement 

Darwinian Medicine: The Pleasures and Perils of New Questions Lecture at a Symposium: Darwinian Evolution Across the Disciplines Realplayer version of talks from a Dartmouth Interdisciplinary Symposium October 29-30, 1999, Dartmouth College.