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This article demonstrates that the agitation experineced by some patients as they begin antidepressant treatment is not due to beta receptor sensitivity; in fact, beta sensitivity is DECREASED in patients with anxiety disorders.

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This article provides the definitive summary of my work on neuroendocrime responses to intense anxiety induced ethically by flooding therapy. The most interesting result is the inconsistency of individual responses. Some people had no cortisol response despite obviously massive subjective anxiety and catecholamine responses. Others had cortisol responses dissociated from other endocrine changes. The deep conclusion I drew from this is that there is no tightly wired consistent neuroendocrine response to intense subjective anxiety.

Nesse RM, Bhatnagar S, Young, E: The evolutionary origins and functions of the stress response, The Encyclopedia of Stress, Second Edition, Edited by George Fink, Academic Press: San Diego, 2007, 965-970. The stress response exists because it is useful. Responses to subjective distress are an epiphenomenon that is by no means a reliable indicator of either subjective distress or objective difficulty.


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Even huge catechol levels do not guarantee intense subjective states.

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