August 6-11 Course on evolutionary medicine at Mt. Desert Island Biological Laboratories, Maine
October 25 Lecture for NYAS workshop on Men's Studies 
November 2  Evolution and medicine methodology talk at University of Chicago 
November 6-8 Workgroup on evolutionary medicine at  National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, Durham, NC. 
December 12  Lecture on Evolution and genetics to German Genome Research Group annual meeting in Heidelberg
January 17 Lecture on Social Selection at Society for Personality and Social Psychology, New Orleans
February 27  Evolutionary Medicine and Complexity Conference at ASU
April 24   Symposium on Evolutionary Medicine at Society for General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting in Denver
May 13, Tavistock Clinic on Psychodynamics, in London
May 14  Royal Society Symposium on Emotions, in London
May 23  American Psychological Society Symposium on Emotions, in Washington DC
June 12-14  Evolution and Cancer meeting at UCSF
August 6-10  International Society for Human Ethology Workshop in Ann Arbor
November 25-27 Lectures in Barcelona